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a day in the life of a slice of bread free online game

a day in the life of a slice of bread free online game

A Day In The Life Of A Slice Of Bread is a really silly visual novel experience in which you perform a slice of bread who becomes sentient and sets on an adventure (or sulks, develops a mouth and eats it’s self). You are a bit of bread who has been provided the present of life, but what you do with this particular present is totally up to you. You make important life decisions that will mean the difference between burning to death in a toaster and living a happy and long living in a tiny bread sized property by the water. Each humorously voice-acted playthough requires just a couple minutes and it is really worth numerous plays as each of your actions features a dramatic impact on the closing – from living happily after along with your androgenous son /partner to drowning the entire world with your tears. It’s very silly and extremely interesting stuff, A Day In The Life Of A Slice Of Bread will definitely improve your entire day with it’s irreverent wit and silly story twists. A Day In The Life Of A Slice Of Bread, no, this is simply not related to I’m Bread, the science game. In this one, infact, it’s regarding the other, being a bit of toast isn’t your goal. It’s the last thing you need. A Day In The Life Of A Slice Of Bread has some great humor inside and quality-smart, it’s borderline perfect. However , it’s very short short. More information would have managed to get so far better. Perhaps sometime as you go along, added selections can be added but till then, it’s more of a minigame, a teaser of better what to come. Nevertheless, it’s still planning to offer a fun couple of minutes.

Explore the potential and goals of living force that bread
Try and imagine per day without bread (for many who eat bread). Today, try to imagine a piece of bread that’s just been gifted with mind. What does it do? Does it run because of its new does it mentally fall under the stress to be a sentient piece of bread or found living?
All of that and much more are solved in this small visual book that has superb narration and quality original humor. The sport explores the alternatives and selections a piece of bread could have if it suddenly came to life. Not to hand out any of the plot twists, but know that A Day In The Life Of A Slice Of Bread considers the thought of homosexual marriage, bread destruction, breaking physics to create wormholes and killing everybody on earth. Yep, this game’s account is all around the location, and it’s wonderful.
A game about bread that’s a bit too short for my taste
I simply needed to throw in an effort at a terrible bread related pun. The ultimate one is in the game. In terms of the gameplay moves, it’s as easy as clicking your choices that popup on the monitor and seeing what follows until new ones look.

OS: Windows XP SP2+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c

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