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brief karate foolish online

brief karate foolish online

brief karate foolish online

brief karate foolish online

brief karate foolish online is an incredible new game which allows players to participate in the Supreme one on 1 Battle — since digitized Japanese guys beat the crap out of each other in their underwear for an opportunity to win a set of infamous black underpants!

To call brief karate foolish online bat shit crazy would do a disservice to hit shit. In the game, you choose from a choice of eccentric brief-wearing Japanese guys and participate in a tournament where the winner gets to take home the reigning champions mighty black briefs. There is an unusual blend of Japanese, a Spanish and English language used in the sport, which makes its parodical Japanese gameplay sense that much more authentic and pleasurable. Each fighter has their unique style and special moves, all of which are amusing to see in action and create for some thoroughly entertaining matches.

Sure, maybe it does not quite possess the running battle and finesse that Street Fighter has, but brief karate foolish online comprises 100 percent more Japanese men fighting in their underpants that’s a much more vital element in a competitive fighting game. Ken and Ryu may have their Fireballs, but it takes real balls to go into the ring in just your undies!

The motto of brief karate foolish online conducted through Google Translate is: “First of all, discard reason. What’s from then!” This free “Super actual game fighting game,” is all about the majesty and grace of brief-wearing Japanese guys fighting to the death for a mysterious set of black briefs. That sounds like a regular Friday night for me; only I would prefer to put on a unicorn head to top off the outfit.

The amazing cast of unique characters attracts brief karate foolish online to life. During the competition, he all-powerful Black Briefs are up for grabs, and anybody who’s mighty enough to beat him might lay claim to them. I hope his name is B. Zoro since he “is Zorro.”

Each fighter has their unique style, and like most popular fighting games, the action moves at 60fps for excellent accuracy. brief karate foolish online is mostly in Japanese, with English from the most important spots (and a little Spanish at the start of each game for some reason) Don’t allow the language barrier to intimidate you because this is one of those rare video games in which it enhances the sport.

The official game site describes brief karate foolish online as: “a fighting game that lovely man who was wearing brief fight. There isn’t any technique to describe it more accurately.”

Nine feature, lethal, and lovely Brief fighters.
Finish moves by control.
In the short Karate, every part of the body is weapons!

Title: brief karate foolish online
Developer: D.C.S
Release Date: 18 Nov 2016

OS: Windows95/98/XP/7/8.1
Processor: Pentium 133Mhz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: Onboard Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 7.0a
Storage: 200 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card


brief karate foolish online

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