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Darkout Version 1.3.1 Free Download

Darkout Version 1.3.1 Free Download

Darkout Version 1.3.1 Free Download
Size: 2.37 GB
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 4 December, 2013


Crashed and alone on a world mankind tried to leave behind, Darkout challenges players to survive on Illuna, in harsh, procedurally generated biomes, utilizing the game’s sandbox features to build shelters, craft weapons, and research new technologies.

You are not alone. Light-sensitive creatures prowling the landscapes become most active at night and in a world shrouded by clouds the security of day will never come, instead, twilight periods allow players minor security to explore, rebuild, and gather resources.

Darkout’s deep history manifests itself through logs left behind by others, some recent, while others hearken back to long-extinct natives of Illuna, offering glimpses into what events led up to the pandemonium that now persists.


 What is stage 1?

Thanks to everyone’s feedback and a year of Beta the game is finally in a place which we can consider the base version of Darkout, Stage 1.

From this point on we will expand on the universe, Biomes, Gameplay, Items, etc.

We currently have 3 more Key stages planned and will reveal all the details of these plans as we develop the game further, not unlike our predecessors in the Sandbox genre.

In-between the stages we will also have some mini updates as needed 🙂

Stage 2 – 4 will contain
More Story
Why are you here and what is really going on? All this will be revealed as Each stage contains a new act for the storyline
More Biomes
Underwater Biome, Sky Base, Feral Jungle, etc
An End Game
Fix the Ship or Illuna? Only time will tell
More enemies
The Penguin Drones
More bosses with each Stage
Dead, alive, evil, good?
Underground Bunkers / Labs
Unique treasures, enemies, stories
Sub, Mech, and?
Weapons, Devices, rewards, achievements, etc!

Patch 1.3.1 has been Released!

Below is an extensive list of what has been done to improve the overall Darkout experience, enjoy! 🙂
1. New Content:

– Storage Vault, holds 100 items

– New item and blueprint
– With GPS in inventory press “G” to get current position.
– Equip the GPS to get continuous position updates.

– place beacon and add description to mark a location or resource.
– Description in new PDM tab with Teleporters.
– Beacons within a certain range are marked on the radar.

– You can now place Teleporters
– Player invulnerable while still invisible during teleporting.
– There is a minimum and maximum range for teleporting of 400/800 blocks.
– You have to wait 2min before you can teleport again.
– Teleporter uses Player energy during teleportation
Coming in patch 1.3… Not a Shower! 🙂
Community Created Artwork for Darkout
By: Allgraf
Mining (Toggle = M Key)
– Tunnel – dig a horizontal tunnel 4 blocks high.
– Mine 4 tiles at a time, in a vertical line, all 4 tiles must be accessible.
– Can be any mix of tiles.
– Tool effectiveness is determined by how many tiles are the wrong type for the tool and how many are too high a level.
– Resources dropped per tile.

– Turrets to defend your base
– Sign on turret if out of ammo
– Turrets use bullets or laser modules
– When destroyed drop any ammo still in magazine
New Turrets coming in patch 1.3
Community Created Artwork for Darkout
By: Allgraf
– Attack lights and turrets
– Target search sequence – Turret, Player, Lights
– 20% chance enemy killed by turret will drop loot
– Enemies take some damage when they melee attack lights.
– Fixed problem where enemies did not change target when current target is destroyed.
– Jellies do not attack turrets.

(in future this will be expanded to enemies attacking blocks and other devices)

Energy Gun
– Added the Energy Gun ( or RFBG for some of you) the big brother of the Grenade Launcher.
– Added blueprint for the Energy gun, you will have to find a data module first.
– Added blueprint for the Energy Laser Modulator – the Energy Gun ammo.
Community Created Artwork for Darkout
By: Allgraf
Added in Patch 1.3.1 comes the RBFG Really Big F***** Gun!
Flares and Lights
– Flares and glowsticks do physical damage when they hit an enemy.
– You now stop running to throw all grenade type weapons, and throw only 1 at a time.
– Enemies attack and destroy flares and glowsticks.
– Added damage points to lights.

– Arrow drops to ground when it reaches range limit.
– Added Health Points for all Lights.
– New PDM tab – Radar shows Teleporters & Beacons close to the player position. Also lists all placed Teleporters and Beacons, left click on name in list to edit description.

Screenshots of Darkout Version 1.3.1


Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.3 Ghz or Better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL Graphics card that can display at least 1024×768 res (Nvidia 8000 series or better)
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: Any
Additional Notes: Latest OpenGL Drivers

How to Install Darkout Version 1.3.1

  1. Extract with winRAR.
  2. Install the setup.exe
  3. Enjoy!

Darkout Version 1.3.1 Free Download

Darkout Version 1.3.1 Free Download

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