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Double Action Boogaloo Private Game

Double Action Boogaloo Private Game

Double Action Boogaloo Private Game


Double Action Boogaloo Private Game is a stylish multiplayer shooter with more slow movement duel-wielding diving, turning, slipping and shooting than in John Woos wildest fantasies. It’s free and runs on Valve’s Source engine via Steam. You may also like Superstatic

Double Action Boogaloo Private Game is a multiplayer action game based on the fight movies from the late 80’s and early 90’s, like those developed by John Woo. It is designed and drawn up by lots of the exact men and women who worked on The Specialists. There is a playable beta, and we are searching for people to assist with development.

Starting as a Half Life 2 mod, this game is a love letter to over-the-top action films and grandiose spectacle.

The design is the core concept and permeates throughout every match. Style points are gathered and ascertain individual scores and have to be constructed throughout the game. Doing dives, flips, slides, and rolls isn’t just for show: they are a requirement for victory. Accumulating style points during a competition matches a style meter, and once the meter is filled, it allows short-term bonuses based on the style skill selected. The enemy also kills grant seconds of slow-motion “bullet time” that can be triggered depending on the circumstance.

Besides the regular gameplay of killing other players, real time objectives will occasionally be active. Completing a goal allows the participant to use a superb style skill that’s the same as all of the design skills combined, adding another wrinkle to every match.

Double Action Boogaloo Private Game is a free stylish multiplayer game about diving, flipping, and sliding your way to action movie mayhem.

The dev describes Double Action Boogaloo Private Game as like “doing a backflip off some dude’s face, diving through a window, with gold-plated pistols firing in slow motion. After playing it, it ‘s hard not to agree with this opinion, with the match filled with ridiculous OTT action, with players leaping, diving and sliding all over the place like Max Payne in a John Woo film.

There is an assortment of personalities, customizable load outs and fashion skills (perks) to pick from at the beginning of the match. The primary game mode is a cleverly implemented battle royale interspersed with goals that are additional on-the-fly, such as checkpoint races, capturing a briefcase or hunting down the wanted criminal. It’s a terrific system which adds some nice variety to the gameplay.

Double Action Boogaloo Private Game can either be played from a 3rd person or first person perspective (change with ‘J’), both work well, but 3rd person looks way cooler when you are flying through the air. Comparisons to Max Payne are obvious (especially as you can slow down time), but your personality is a lot more versatile, the activity is much more OTT, and the gameplay is much more fun — double the pleasure!

DirectX: Version 8.1
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 5 GB available space


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