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Elliot Quest Free Download

Elliot Quest Free Download

Elliot Quest Free Download
Size: 33 MB
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

Description: Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he’s transformed into a demon.
After Elliot’s wife disappears, he falls sick and attempts to take his own life–only to discovers that he can’t die. Plagued by nightmares and growing weaker by the day, Elliot seeks out a local Sage, who tells him that he’s the victim of a rare curse. A demon called a Satar is slowly consuming Elliot’s vitality.
If Elliot can’t find a cure to the curse before it’s too late, he will become a Satar. His only hope is to ask for the help of one of the island’s Guardians, who have kept the Satar from taking over Urele. Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time.


  • An expansive island to explore with over 16 unique bosses
  • Customize your character with an engaging Level Up System
  • Chain attacks to make enemies drop more items
  • Experiment with different magic attacks to defeat Elliot’s enemies
  • Solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas
  • Hunt powerful monsters to find powerful weapons
  • 3 unique endings based on your decisions
  • Well-balanced gameplay that’s easy to pick up but challenging to master

Screenshot of Elliot Quest [www.gamesena.com]


Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel® Pentium 4 / 2.0GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible card, 128MB of VRAM
Hard Drive: 200 MB available space

How to Install Elliot Quest [Gamesena.com]

  1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
  2. Install by running unl-elqu.exe
  3. 3. Start game with elliot_quest.exe
  4. 4. Enjoy!
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Elliot Quest Free Download

Elliot Quest Free Download

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Download Game Elliot Quest [Gamesena.com] Free

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