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Footbrawl Playground Review

Footbrawl Playground Review

Footbrawl Playground is a Physics Playground as well as the most useless Game on earth – The Program would be to to collect some cash for that game Footbrawl – A Physic based Basketball Brawler.

As a backer of many failed Kickstarter games I understand that feeling well of spending money without getting something back. I have a lot of shirts at home from Campings where they should rather spend the cash for your game rather than stickers, statues or tops and that I do not wanna do the same mistake. Therefore I came up for the Idea of “Footbrawl Playground”. Its basically only a Physics Playground where you can goof around using some more stuff, spawn NPCS, Location Barriers and a Friend.

Drivable Vehicles
Low Gravity Mode
Slow Motion Mode
Car Soccer
Local Multiplayer for 2 People
Placeable Traps like
Human Pinball
Explosive Barrles
You would like more? Looking towards new needs!
Basic Soccer Mode
Spawn as Cars and much NPCs while you need and benefit from the chaos

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 or newer
Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core
DirectX: Version 10

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