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Kuudere Simulator is an easy short-game by YandereDev where the character could change between being a tsundere as well as a kuudere.

This game will be the exact opposite of Yandere Simulation. She rests on the seat inside a black, dull space and does not need a senpai in any respect. Tsundere-chan shows emotion through conversation, head facing and does not need stands and a senpai before the couch with hands-on her hips.

Kuudere Simulator starts with a woman lay on the couch discussing how she doesn´t require a Senpai (an upperclassman).

You can move in deeper and transfer the perspectives round, you’ll spot the woman seems to get been already associated with a struggle of some kind, and then…well then, that´s it, it´s not really a game merely a little intro no fun available, your ex saying the exact same lines again and again becomes very crazy following a few occasions and that I was relieved after I eventually was able to shut the display!

Google the term Kuudere plus it indicates someone having a neat, if not cold-hearted identity, whether that’s to the people that made a game that didn’t exist or perhaps the few occasions we see this other side towards the typically “Yandere” character of the Yandere simulation game.

Tsundere Mode
Pushing the T key can open Tsundere-chan. She’ll declare the same lines in a annoyed fashion, except as Kuudere-chan with exclamation marks.
The type played an eyepatch will be given by pressing E.

License: Free
Developer: Yandere Dev
Size: 10.07 MB
OS: Newer or Windows XP
Processor: 2.0 GHz
DirectX: Version 9.0c

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