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Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC

Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC

Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC

Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC is fun, pure and straightforward. It’s a very cute four on 4 MOBA style game, with players fighting for control of management points that spawn minions. Battles are fast paced and chaotic affairs that last for around 5 to 10 minutes, and make the rest of the MOBAs feel sedate by comparison. You may also like Field Runner 2

The wizards are a joy to play as; they’re well animated, have some spectacular attacks, and have lots of character. They also allow for plenty of depth and skill in the game, through the spell system in which one to queue up your elemental spells to allow for approximately 400 spell combinations. It’s great fun experimenting with different elements and hammering the oppositions wizards to obtain the most devastating combinations.

The Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC Alpha is now available through Steam Early Access or the official website. If you are interested, we’d recommend getting into the game early, as it is great fun going in at the point where everyone is still experimenting with the gameplay.

The Swedish hack N slash known for its innovative gaming system is back in a free version that will bring about many fits of laughter. By integrating multiplayer and MOBA elements to the formula of the first game, Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC is definitely among the most entertaining multiplayer games we have had the chance to play recently.

An online Magicka with MOBA elements

After just a couple of minutes of playing Wizard Wars, it’s easy to see that a competitive multiplayer mode is exactly what was missing from the first Magicka. The dual mode lets you battle against another individual in a best of three situations; while the arena mode is similar to an MOBA with unique points to capture for each team.

It would all seem trivial if it weren’t for the enormous possibilities the Magicka spells system has to offer along with numerous items which you can combine. With friendly fire triggered by default and the complex gaming system, you frequently find yourself attacking your allies “by mistake” and watching them explode in your face. MMagicka Wizard Wars Download For PC is fun, entertaining, and far from lacking strategy!

1 magician, 8 elements, endless possibilities

As in the first Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC invites you to play as a magician who fights by combining the elements he has at his disposal. Using your keyboard, you’ll have to invoke these components and combine them to yield inconsistent and sometimes hilarious results. Experiment and discover powerful new combinations!

Presentable but underwhelming

Having kept the first Magicka graphics engine, Wizard Wars may seem rather mundane (somewhat dated) regarding its visuals. The activity, however, looks great and more importantly, the game keeps the fantastic physics of its game engine.


Magicka Wizard Wars Download For PC is not finished yet. However, it’s still a terrific game to get your hands on given that it is free, although I have to admit that the game experience still has a way to go.

However, as it stands, this Beta version is amusing. With insane one on one battles and a loony arena mode, Wizard Wars achieves a perfect balance between the strategic complexity of an MOBA and the compulsive laughter of a party game. Success!


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