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The Miskatonic Game Download

The Miskatonic Game Download

The Miskatonic Game Download


The Miskatonic Game Download is a superb hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling horror comedy, visual book, where you play as a strange female protagonist with an enormous shotgun in a demonic university. You may also like Ratz Instagib 2.0

The Miskatonic Game Download’s appeal is its excellent aesthetic design, fantastic character designs, a terrific atmosphere in a delightfully grim world to explore, and horrifically fun dialogue interactions involving the distinctive traits. Dark, humorous and trendy stuff.

The Miskatonic Game Download is the job of Rapscallion Games, which when interpreted from a dead, long-forgotten language signifies Jack Cayless. He is a webcomic artist that made things like Chimneyspeak and Redd, neither of which I’d heard of before now and neither of which seem to still be online.


Somewhere in The Miskatonic Game Download Museum, Olaus Wormius’s Latin translation of a book called the Necronomicon lies hidden away, kept secret and locked so that those people who should not obtain access to it don’t get access to it. When recent events in the college and Clover Club lead one to think that somebody may now be hunting for this odd and ancient time — someone who should not be allowed to delve its secrets — you make your way to the Museum. The hour is late, and the location is locked. However, you know you must regain the book before anyone can get its arcane secrets for dark purposes.

Will you use these cards? How are you going to use them? Several of the cards offer you a remarkable focus on long-term benefits over short term yields, and you will have lots of time to integrate them into your Arkham LCG® campaigns — provided you first triumph on the job at hand. After all, there is something else stalking the museum’s displays…

Plunge headlong into the writhing depths of The Miskatonic Game Download, a side-scrolling, horror, comedy visual book, packed with bizarre and humorous dialogue, a cadre of warped and ruined faculty and students, and an intriguing, devious story! Chat jovially with the regional abominations, scout revolting places for occult expeditions, and explore the inherent strangeness within!

Drawing inspiration from Deadly Premonition, Eternal Darkness, and Resident Evil in addition to grumpy old Howard Phillips has seven thumbs up from me, and yes they’re all of my thumbs. From the demonstration it doesn’t seem like there is much in the way of challenge here — it is more about researching and clicking on things to read descriptions and dialogue and have a look at the game’s beautiful art. The Kickstarter does explain the game as a visual book, so it appears probable that The Miskatonic Game Download will be about undergoing its narrative as opposed to cleverly offing rogue shoggoths.

A somewhat odd female protagonist – Charlotte Lestrange has her key motives and ambitions beyond the university’s knowledge that goes beyond her implicit desires to rally Shub-Niggurath. And the college has plans for the of their own.
An evolving hub world – Watch the college grow, rot and stuff it with odd artifacts as Charlotte trips around New England on her eldritch experiences.
Old college survival horror puzzles – Find etched keys to open the corresponding doors, solve blood-drenched codes and exchange weird and warped collectibles for advice.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft – a unique and relatively light-hearted take on the master of horror’s large world. Parodies and references hide in the dark little corners of this narrative, awaiting Lovecraft fanatics to find.
Blow holes in creatures with Charlotte’s too huge shotgun – Because sometimes the cosmic horrors refuse to collaborate.


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