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Northgard in its present Early Access condition, is among the better Viking activities I’ve performed lately. And that I say that as anyone who has a real Viking raven banner flying above his desk. Its understated art-style reflects the distinction between bleakness, and it plays similarly to old school Age of Powers while cutting back on micromanagement while in the spirit of modern RTS design and wonder at the base of Norse mythology.

In the current Skirmish vs AI function (the only one available, although competitive multiplayer along with a campaign are designed), your kingdom begins using a handful food-making villagers who forage your property area quickly to increase your stockpile. They are able to begin creating structures that’ll boost your population cap and practice villagers into sophisticated work like woodcutters, scouts, and players, once your labor pool is larger than what is needed to supply itself.

The principle deviation in the Age of Empires system is that each road is splitup into parts with defined borders. Each features a fixed amount of houses it might assist, and many also contain specific resources like iron, rock, shorelines that enable you to launch Viking raids to seize off, or dense forests that boost your woodcutting result -place loot. Workers and military units are assigned to a region, where they’ll go about their business immediately, rather than needing to constantly get new orders. This allow me to focus more on highlevel strategy and less on whether I needed to continuously reassign my wayward lumberjacks, which was refreshing.

Northgard also models the fact the passing of the months was a fundamental aspect in Viking life. The wheel of the year is definitely turning as you grow, develop, and fight for glory. Facilities stop making while it reaches winter and your usage of food and lumber goes up dramatically. Military units operating outside your home territory also suffer combat penalties—despite what romantic portrayals may show, Vikings knew much better than to attend battle throughout the Scandinavian winter. This makes it required to maintain a stockpile of sources throughout time attacks and the other weeks carefully, ultimately causing some interesting tactical decisions. You may learn an unspoiled region with abundant metal deposits in October, and be required to consider if it’s worth wasting the foodstuff to colonize it if this means half your population may get tired or die of misery throughout the winter. Some years, you’ll be warned of an oncoming blizzard, needing even more radical products and making winter months even harsher.

Similarly, your decision about when to visit battle is never simple. I could expect my targets’ forces to become depleted easily thought we would strike after a severe snowstorm around the first time of spring, but my own were probably be also. The level of summer is excellent conflict-building season, but most people are at the elevation of these strength and everyone I went after saw me coming a mile away. Drop raids helped to put me in a higher risk, high reward condition. But this kind of bold enterprise was sometimes able to find my adversaries off-guard. Around the other hand, playing defensive and building up a stockpile one year may let you weather in comfort and capture a far more aggressive competitor on the back foot another year. It’s a straightforward and transparent mechanic, but one that produced a lot of new dimensions to my strategic thinking.

Just as the pillaging they’re famous for did not far more than the Vikings, Northgard presents many paths to victory. Some of them don’t even require you to hide axes in your enemies’ skulls. You could gain a Trade victory by creating a certain level of money selling assets you have a surplus of towards the other chieftains to the road. You could earn a Reputation glory by doing good accomplishments to achieve the concept of Master and building an associated question. A Lore success requires you to seek out damages and historical standing stones to complete the moderate tech tree and generate the blessings of the Norse gods. Or, you know, you may only kill everyone. I tried each route at least one time. All of them feel fascinating and fleshed out, with their own unique considerations, which bodes well for replayability.

Create your settlement on the recently discovered continent of Northgard
Determine your vikings to different jobs (Farmer, Player, Sailor, Loremaster…)
Manage your resources carefully and survive vicious foes and harsh winters
Increase and see new territory with unique strategic options
Obtain unique victory conditions (Conquest, Celebrity, Lore, Trading…)
Title: Northgard
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Method, Early Access
Publisher: Shiro Games
Release Date: 23 Feb, 2017

OS: Windows Vista or better
Processor: Intel 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Design: Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
DirectX: Version 10

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