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Psycho Waluigi Online

Psycho Waluigi Online

Psycho Waluigi Online

Psycho Waluigi Online

Psycho Waluigi Online is a fantastic fan made the tribute to one of the most underrated Mario characters, which plays like a mix of Super Mario Bros and Kirby as you utilize your telekinetic powers to ensnare enemies and use their powers. You may also like super mario level editor game

Waluigi has suffered from a huge bump to the head (possibly a plumber jumped onto it?) The platforming gameplay is pretty much like the Mario games, but your new abilities permit you to catch nearby blocks, coins and enemies, then use them as weapons. You can also target and use the first enemy attacks while they are ensnared in your telekinetic field.

There are 30 different kingdoms, and if you buy a gold crown in each of them (by obtaining a top score), you unlock some very cold critical stages. The pixel art, visual layout in Psycho Waluigi Online is excellent throughout, with a lively world, packed with variety and personal enemies. The level of polish is awe-inspiring throughout, and it is great fun experimenting with Waluigi’s powers. It is a fantastic outing for Luigi’s arch rival that well worth checking out!

After suffering a significant bump to the head, Waluigi wakes up in a strange, new land… Only to discover that he now has psychic powers!

Psycho Waluigi is a platform that, uses the same gameplay as Mario yet adds a little more style to give it a fun mix.

The innovations include the ability to pick up objects and enemies using your psychic powers like suspending them in the air with the click of a mouse or using them as a missile to kill off other enemies or break obstacles. Also, some enemies will attack their kind at the same time your mind control them.

The game’s objective, as would be expected, is to finish the 30 levels which form the game. Furthermore, you’ll have to attempt and get the maximum score.

Psycho Waluigi Online is an enjoyable game that stays faithful to the original Super Mario series while adding new elements which make the game even more addictive.

The game has received a multitude of favorable reviews, and the demo won the March 2010 Game of the Month award.

While Waluigi can jump on enemies, his main attack, and the primary gameplay element, is using the psychic powers of the Psycho Iris. With these powers, Waluigi can pick up objects and enemies in the level, and throw them in any direction. There are also a few levels in the game where Waluigi controls a tank or pilots an airplane when using missiles to make pathways and destroy enemies.

From the creator of Toad Strikes Back (and MFGG) comes to an all-new platform that takes the tried and true Mario formula, and is offered upon it a particular spin.

Psycho Waluigi Online is a fan game produced by Thunder Dragon of MFGG fame. Set in the Mario Universe, it stars Wario’s underappreciated partner, Waluigi.
After taking a nasty fall from his hot air balloon, Waluigi wakes up in an unfamiliar land with a strange, purple, eyeball cloud watching him. The eye identifies itself as Psycho Iris and tells Waluigi that he is in the land of Unconcia. He goes on to explain that due to both the natural influence of the land and his phenomenal power, Waluigi now has psychic powers. Now that he has his super powers, what will he do with them? Save a princess of his own?

No, he’s going to go take out the Hazelnut Army and conquer Unconcia for himself.

Conquer over 30 kingdoms, and score high on each one to make a gold crown – collect them all to unlock even more unique stages.

Left and Right Arrows – Move Waluigi
Up and Down Arrows – Rotate Psychic Aura
Button 1 (default: shift) – Jump
Button 2 (default: Ctrl) – Capture/Throw objects in Psychic Aura
Button 3 (default: backspace) – Exit out of levels you’ve already beaten
Enter – Pause the game


Psycho Waluigi Online

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