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Revhead can be a car racing simulation game, where you’ve to create your personal race car. You start your trip anywhere in a small village in Australia. You’ve to think being a genuine Revhead! You modify your vehicle to make it the fastest and correct can purchase or sell cars and elements. You have to consider as a genuine Revhead! You should buy or sell cars and pieces, fix and modify your vehicle to produce it the fastest around. However, an excellent race car is not always concerning the fastest or best, but one that matching with it’s driver. Set your vehicle the way it meets for the driving skills and racing conditions. Revhead is approximately to construct and battle together with your dream car although all your racing skills can have to beat others over a monitor, you might also need to understand technical skills to be able retain to correct or rebuild your vehicle.
There is a real vehicle created up from thousands of factors. Each linked to each-others and they’re currently working as a car. In this game, every car is made up from many specific parts, linked to each other the exact same way in reality. Each component replaced might be eliminated and swapped between other vehicles. In this way, you can not simply customise your paint work and outlook, however the handling and effectiveness of the automobile aswell.

Watch your car what noise from the engine or when driving, how can it be handling smoky is it. All these can help you to identify the actual problem.
You’ll need a 4×4 but you don’t have the budget? Obtain cheap car to a wreck and move it into a 4×4 supercharged racing monster, using damaged cars and used elements from the paper.
You motor is powerful, your vehicle don’t reach the speed-you need? Make sure that differential and your things corresponding together with your goals!

Title: Revhead
Genre: Action, Indie, Rushing, Simulation
Publisher: Creative Pudding Hungary Llc.
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2017

OS: Windows-7, Windows 8.1, Windows-10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: 2GHz dual core
Graphics: Min. 1GB ram
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection

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