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rising storm 2 vietnam pc download

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is the sequel to PC Gamer’s 2013 ‘Multiplayer Sport of the Year’, manufactured by Antimatter Games, the same group that developed the award-winning and posted by Tripwire Interactive progressive asymmetric gameplay of the first Rising Storm. For your first time, the real gunplay and visceral first-person action of the Red Orchestra sequence is visiting an era of automatic guns, man-portable grenade launchers and much more modern weapons systems.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam can be an impressive looking fresh game that takes the gritty and raw first person battle of the most popular Red Orchestra string and conveys it to the Vietnam war – which creates some unique asymmetrical gameplay aspects as the heavily armed US Forces face-off from the guerrilla tactics of the Vietnamese. In many war games the factors are rather similar, just about just utilizing vehicles and the same weaponry with different themes. Not too in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, since it accurately recreates the rivalry within the Vietnam conflict when guerrilla tactics and ambushes stood toe to toe with all the full might of the US Armed Forces. As well as featuring the reliable and brutal method of rivalry the Red Orchestra sequence is known for, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam will feature large scale 64-player fights, advantages for joining up with friends, Steam Workshop help and new game modes worthy of small-scale or large scale battle. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam can be an enticing possibility, offering real, visceral battle that will require some different tactics depending on what side of the war you’re on. Sign up for the apocalypse now so if you’d prefer to enter there first!

People on the US team will have a way to pilot 3 different planes – the UH-1H “Huey” transportation, the OH 6 “Loach” light recon along with the effective AH-1G “Cobra” attack helicopter.
Play as both United States Military and Vietnamese resistance fighters. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam allows people to regulate often the U.S. Army and Marines Corps or perhaps the militarized and guerrilla forces of North Vietnam – the NVA as well as the Viet Cong.
Sport types include Red Orchestra’s traditional place control mode, the new Supremacy mode, for large scale battle including helicopters, VC tunnels and more, together with the new smaller Skirmish mode and routes designed for less or 16 players. These new smaller maps are created to become a more competitive, squad based expertise that reflect the low-level; issues that Vietnam is famous for.
Each chart aims to pull people directly to real life into the battle with its intense reliability and faithfully recreates the struggle of the Vietnam experience. Maps will include the famous jungles of Vietnam, but will also include fights that happened in towns, on rolling hills, in people Firebases, Rice Fields, Farms and so many more authentic locations. Commensurate with the Vietnam location, they’ll provide lots of chance for marketplace ambushes and flanking attacks.
A variety of traditional period weapons available including the M16, M14, M60, M79 and M3 Grease Gun for that Americans; along with the Kind 56 Assault Rifle (a Chinese copy of the famous AK47), RPG-7, MAT 49, SKS Carbine and many, many more for the Vietcong. Guns also provide a wide range of performance with in-sport implications, attachable bayonets, including flexible stocks, plus a new and advanced recoil system which forms about the already phenomenal weapon handling the Red Orchestra string is famous for.
Dramatically superior communication and squad tools that will help you group up and work with your friends and teammates.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s target will be player skill and balance. We will not be locking information like new armaments behind a position or experience program, improved player characteristics or gun upgrades. We want to set the tools to succeed in the hands of each person.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam allows participants to customize their player characters with additional uniform and equipment options received while they play. These will include new headgear, apparel, tattoos, glasses and much more.

Title: Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
Category: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Tripwire Interactive, Antimatter Games
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Release Date: Early 2017

Processor: TBA
Graphics: TBA
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: TBA

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