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Song Of Horror Game Download

Song Of Horror Game Download

Song Of Horror Game Download

Song Of Horror Game Download


Song Of Horror Game Download is a freaky third person permadeath survival horror game in which you play as one of 16 playable characters, venturing through a creepy mansion filled with dark creatures lurking in the darkness. You may also like Horror Statues

It uses fixed cameras with automatic tracking and a profoundly unsettling soundtrack to make a fright filled experience where death might be around any corner.

Song Of Horror Game Download features permadeath and 16 playable characters, which effectively means you’ll have 16 different chances to escape alive. You’ll need your wits about you and will have to focus on your surroundings if you want to flee from this haunted house.

Song Of Horror Game Download is a return to those old horror adventure games in which you control a character with the camera is set in certain areas for optimum fear effectiveness. A classic horror game with the modern tech.

Song Of Horror Game Download is an old school inspired, third person survival horror, evocative of the eternal fear of what can’t be understood. Take control of up to 16 characters who have been hauled, throughout time, into a story for which they are not prepared.

And speaking of technology, the game’s atmosphere is great with beautiful visuals and nice animations. The game is scary when the shadows are your enemy, and you need to maintain a cautious ear to stay alive and survival the night time in the house of horrors.

It is an ordinary Friday in the life span of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur that has fallen on hard times recently. Currently the lowest of the low in a publishing house, you receive an urgent, yet seemingly straightforward mission: to find the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something is wrong. The lights, nevertheless turned off at the beginning of nightfall, show that nobody is home. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in darkness.

Song Of Horror Game Download is a free alpha demo, but wow does it look fantastic and it’s incredibly tense and scary also, this game looks so cute and introduces mechanics to a horror survival game I am not positive whether they have ever been done before such as having the ability to listen at doors before going through them if you hear something weird going on, you can then choose to avoid that location, and it may well save you from perishing by doing this, although curiosity got the better of me and I died because I had to know what the weird thing was!

This game has such a massive amount of potential, and the cartoon absolutely looks fantastic from the protagonist to the backdrop everything is so beautifully detailed, and Song Of Horror Game Download is among the most professional feeling games I have ever had the joy of playing and I for one would happily pay for the full game based on how enjoyable and good looking this demo is, but beware it is very tense and scary so if you are easily scared probably one to avoid however those of you who enjoy the horror genre will really like Song Of Horror Game Download.

The Features:
A Thrilling, Movie-Like Expertise
Combine Daniel at a spine-chilling tale of horrors. Unravel a dreadful mystery of deep, unknown roots, a puzzle threatening to ruin him.
Automated Cinematic Cameras
The continuing use of automated mobile cameras along with a collection of unsettling music themes make certain that the tension remains constant and constant.
16 Playable Characters
Control Daniel as well as several other men and women, both strangers and acquaintances. They will explore a range of locations, designed by original architects, solving riddles while avoiding an untimely end. How far will each of them go? Who will continue their narrative alongside Daniel? That’s up to you.
Average, Everyday People
No heroes, no supermen, no superhuman. Real-life, ordinary citizens. For the advertiser to the sales manager, from the alarms technician to the physician and the store clerk. Not one of them can make it by themselves.
Careful Exploration
The devil’s in the details, or so they say. Each clue may have a meaning; every observation can be crucial. There’s absolutely no prize for the first arrival at the finish line; the prize is to arrive at all.
Life is fleeting
There’s not any health nor sanity pub. If you crumble midway, while another character make it?

There are no combats, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight. There are no enemies, but that doesn’t mean that you are not being hunted. There are no defenses, and yes, that does mean you need to run, hide, and do whatever is necessary to survive.

Song Of Horror Game Download is a fascinating new alpha demo that looks like it is going to develop into an fantastic horror game and you can download it here at no cost.


Song Of Horror Game Download

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