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Startup Company Tycoon Game Download

Startup Company Tycoon Game Download

Startup Company Tycoon Game Download


Startup Company Tycoon Game Download is a business simulation sandbox game. You play as the CEO of a newly formed software firm. Having an empty bank account, you are forced to complete customer contracts, but whenever you get enough money, you will be able to begin competing against the largest tech giants, building your very own services and products. You may also likeĀ Starship Corporation

You play as the CEO of a newly formed software firm. Your job is to either complete client contracts to make money or build your very own products.

Ever imagined being a successful internet entrepreneur? Startup Company Tycoon Game Download lets you feel the thrill and excitement of creating your very own Startup Company Tycoon Game Download. Putting the player to command a Startup Company Tycoon Game Download including hiring programmers, setting up the advertisement, monetizing the product and much more! The game is (obvious) greatly inspired by Game Dev Tycoon, but the gameplay and flow are way different!

Startup Company Tycoon Game Download includes:

* Build Mode: Design your very own office.
* Contract Work: Win contracts by competing on service and price.
* Crafting System: Merge components to do modules. Use modules to create products.
* Products: Build outstanding products by adding features, handling servers and conducting marketing campaigns.
A great business is built by great folks. Optimize your staff benefits and working conditions to attract the best employees.
Win Contracts
You’ll be facing hundreds of available contracts, but not all of them will be helpful for your team. Work your way up and compete with the finest in the industry to acquire the big contracts!

That’s right; even software needs a bit piecing together!
No matter if you would like to deliver contracts or build your product, you need modules and components. Ease programmers, designers, and lead developers to produce exactly what you need.

Startup Company Tycoon Game Download includes a fully featured crafting/development system where you will be able to merge components to modules, servers or product attributes.
Release, Update and Expand
Creating successful products are all about making the right decisions. Implementing or upgrading the proper features is what creates hype. Hype creates users and users create money.
You’ll have to pay attention to your hype regularly otherwise users will start to drift away from your product. Keeping the product under continuous development and releasing new versions is key to success. It’s your sandbox, let your imagination run wild!


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