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Superstatic Windows 10 is Hotline Miami with the capacity to get your enemies, sending them on a murderous rampage while you hide behind a corner. You may also like Drift Stage Windows

You are tasked with breaking from a prison and tracking down the men and women who created the drug that has given you unique powers. While it’s possible to go through levels guns blazing, the majority of the time this just ends with you bleeding out on the floor.

In Superstatic Windows 10 it is much safer (and more fun) that you send in an imperceptible ‘copy’ of yourself that can cause distractions and possess enemy personalities. Once you exude a personality you can just go on a rampage, shooting everyone in sight, then when everybody’s dead, you just switch back to your main character and stroll out the door. You are not all powerful, you do have some limitations, but it is great fun messing around with your skills.

. The current build is still quite early in evolution, but the pleasure ‘copy’ mechanic is fantastic fun to play around with — Paranormal Hotline.

Superstatic Windows 10 is a top notch shooter where you are given the ability to control and possess your enemies. Utilizing “copies,” you are ready to execute an assortment of skills such as killing enemies in a certain radius, chaining kills together according to your current combo, teleporting to a copy’s position and much more.

The story centers on an enthusiast who desperately turns to a clinical trial for a new medication. The drug is supposed to improve the user’s psychological capacities, but it rather gives him brain control. After finding some documents, he realizes that he’s scheduled to be terminated. Infuriated, he goes after the founders of the medication through their webs of lies and conspiracies.

The game also contains a level editor enabling you to create your custom levels using your images, maps, guns, enemies, and conversations.


Have your enemies, use them to fight for you and develop new skills along the way

Rich branching narrative – the choices you make determine the amounts you play

Large, open levels designed around multiple avenues and freedom of choice

Fast-paced, fast restart gameplay


Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB or higher
Sound Card: OpenAL compatible sound card


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