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Torn Sails can be a busy and beautifully animated 1v1 pirate battle game by which participants navigate a little sea, gathering power ups and wanting to strike their opposition out of the water. Torn Sails is a simple, but incredibly addictive game playable in single-player against an AI or in competitive multiplayer. Players control lovely little pirate vessels while they attempt to strike their competitors to smithereens or push them off the fringe of the small flat disk designs ocean that comprises the game world. During fights a good selection of rewards and weaponry spawn across the place too, that could truly change the tide against your opponent.

The fight works along using a surprising amount of nuance, at a silky smooth 60fps for the gameplay and is fastpaced. Each match takes 3 minutes, together with the victor being the pirate who has died less. Your typical weaponry can be a brother that has a very little time to reload, but you might have multiple pictures ready simultaneously if your ammo slots will allow it. These ammo slots are in fact your health, so any time you get hit you’ll shed a position and become able to fire a cannon less. Eliminate all of your slots as well as your vessel may explode, your opponent will score a point and you’ll focus on a new vessel – however your opponent will continue inside the vessel they’s using (detailed with their current ammo slots and powerups). Torn Sails impresses with easily accessible but extremely competitive nautical warfare, outstanding pixelart movement and it’s charming premise. The perfect duplicate combat game we highly recommend setting sail for! The ocean can burn and sails can be split asunder in this intense video sea battle game. Like times of yor when the world was considered to be flat, you can’t only hit yer opponent to smithereens, you can even push ’em off the experience of our planet and watch them fall into oblivion! Power your ship by more than 10 guns and 14 benefits.

Extreme 1 vs 1 fastpaced sea battles in smooth 60 FPS
Level sea – push him off the edge or sink your oponent
Tight controls
Complete gamepad support (works with keyboard too)

Recreation should support 4:3 watches also and supports 16:9.

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