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Warring States Update 6 Free Download

Warring States Update 6 Free Download

Warring States Update 6 Free Download

Warring States Update 6 Free Download
Size: 258 MB
Genre(s): Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 6 October, 2014


Warring States Tactics is a turn-based battle strategy game set during the Warring States period of Ancient China. The Warring States period is one of turmoil in China, where various feudal states struggle for control of all of China. Lead the forces of Qin through numerous historically-based missions as they challenge the other states for supremacy.

The story is told between missions as dialogue cutscenes using beautifully drawn character portaits; as well as in game dialogue relevant to the battle at hand.

Also included is a fully composed soundtrack, which really helps bring the feeling of Ancient China to the game’s atmosphere.

Warring States Update 6 Free Download. Gamesena.com offering this latest game for free. Get working game without bugs and error. We had posted direct download links to download this game for PC (Personal Computer) without cost (100% free). The latest and updated game by the publishers are given here. Warring States Update 6 in highly compressed form without viruses. Download complete game from here. Gamesena.com also provides crack patch of this game. Please install it using recommended settings. Enjoy playing this amazing game for free on your PC. Share with friends. Some features and screenshots from the game are given below.
Warring States Update 6 Free Download


  • Single player campaign
  • Online and Local Multiplayer: Point-buy battles
  • Turn-based (IGOUGO) battles
  • Special Moves paid for by tactical points earned for making positive tactical decisions
  • Original soundtrack
  • Hexagon tiles
  • Tactical combat (flanking, spear wall, terrain,…)
  • Siege Warfare: Assault castle walls with numerous siege engines
  • No Building: Focus entirely on the combat, and tactical choices

Change log:

Narration Maps
We’re slowly adding some images to add context to the narration of missions. They reinforce the dialogue from the narrator explaining the situations of the war leading to the current mission. Check them out in Campaign 2, gives us your thoughts.
Improved Error Reporting
Errors occurring in mission should no longer spam, and will now (typically) only display the first and most relevant error. Please do continue to send these error reports, they are a huge help.

Low Frame-rate Improvements
For people on low-end machines trying to play the game, some good news! There were issues with animating units getting stuck, which caused endless turns and the inability to continue. This should never happen again, and if you see it (units moving in circles trying to reach a position) please report it to us!

Warring States Update 6 Free Download

Fixed navigation of some stone walls
Fixed various bugs in the Gameplay options menu
Added narrator maps at the start of Missions instead of black screens
Numerous missing text and localisation fixes in preparation for localisation to foreign languages
Added system for loading screen tooltips. Hints to come later!
Fixed units getting stuck attacking walls (and other buildings)
Fixed corruption of save and load system some users were experiencing
Fixed rare crash when selecting a unit
Fixed issue with Wooden walls in Autumn levels
Battle-mode save files now show information correctly on the load menu
Auto-save time has been dramatically sped up, which results far more responsive End Turns
Units no longer get stuck moving at low frame-rates


Screenshots of Warring States Update 6

Warring States Update 6 Free Download

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 32-bit
Processor: Dual Core CPU 1.6Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512Mb VRAM, Minimum 1024×768 resolution, Intel HD 3000 and higher, GeForce 8800 and higher, AMD Radeon X1600 and higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Additional Notes: 2gb memory is needed for 32-bit operating system, 4gb memory for 64-bit windows

 Warring States Update 6 Free Download

How to Install Warring States Update 6

  1. Extract with latest winRAR version.
  2. Install the setup.exe.
  3. Play the game.
  4. Enjoy.
If you had noticed any problem in the link or in the file which you are downloading, inform us immediately so that we can fix it as soon as possible. We hope this game works fine in your system with above mentioned specs. If you don’t have the specs of system, please upgrade first to play this game, otherwise it will not work fine. Direct links to download this game is given below. Thanks for having look over our work!

Warring States Update 6 Free Download

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Warring States Update 6 Free Download

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