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O3DX Free Download


O3DX Free Download O3DX PC Game Overview Size: 878 MB Genre(s): Action, Indie, Racing Release Date: 22 January, 2016 Description: O3DX is an offroad racing and physics obstacle game with a whole new approach. It blends the fun factor and playability of side scroller racing games with the artistic splendour of free roam full 3d games that utilise cinematic camera angles. ...

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Lets Sing 2016 Free Download

Lets Sing 2016

Lets Sing 2016 Free Download Lets Sing 2016 PC Game Overview Size: 3.11 GB Genre(s): Casual Release Date: 21 January, 2016 Description: Let’s Sing 2016 brings a brand new generation of karaoke to your PC! Whether you’re an experienced vocalist or a bathroom crooner, grab a mic and give it all you’ve got with the 35 available hits, including Bruno Mars, ...

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A Boy and His Blob Free Download

A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob Free Download A Boy and His Blob PC Game Overview Size: 590 MB Genre(s): Adventure Release Date: 19 January, 2016 Description: A Boy and His Blob makes its triumphant return! A reimagining of the NES classic, as the boy, you feed your blob jelly beans and watch him transform into cool and useful objects to solve ...

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Bladestar Free Download


Bladestar Free Download Bladestar PC Game Overview Size: 515 MB Genre(s): Action Release Date: 15 January, 2015 Description: Bladestar is a sci-fi cinematic action shooter featuring visually rich worlds with potentially endless enemies on each level. Defend the galaxy flying a Manta Starfighter through asteroid, mine, and debris fields. Pilots can switch between three different weapons and collects numerous power-ups battling ...

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Fear Equation Free Download

Fear Equation Free Download Fear Equation PC Game Overview Size: 504 MB Genre(s): Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy Release Date: 15 January, 2016 Description: Fear Equation is a turn-based strategy with rogue-like elements where you must take control of a modified freight train in an end-of-the-world scenario. The landscape has been overrun by a thick, deadly fog that manifests the nightmares of those ...

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